Asset Management: Property Management, Leasing, Service Plus

Our company has been acquiring land and building in BC for 60 years. In that time, we have developed a portfolio of commercial, industrial and residential properties crafted to comprehensive standards and managed by a committed team.

The Asset Management Department is responsible for leasing our commercial and industrial properties, property maintenance, renovation projects, cost control and budgeting for the nearly 9 million square feet of leased space, which includes 153 properties and 429 tenants.

The Property Management team is a vital frontline connection with our industrial clients and our homeowners. Their dedication over the decades has established a stellar track record of client satisfaction. Beedie promises to deliver peace-of-mind which means our clients can focus on managing their businesses knowing their day-to-day property needs are taken care of. We have seen how a company’s goals can be supported and enhanced with the right facility and professional services. And for our homeowners, the peace-of-mind in their decision to own a Beedie Living home.

The Service Plus team is committed to providing our clients and homeowners with the same high level of quality and service that we have built our reputation upon over the past 60 years. Exceeding expectations from the moment our customers take possession of their property to assisting them with service repairs or warranty inquiries is the Beedie way. If you are a customer service superstar then you belong on our team!